Ever wanted to introduce chess to your class or school? Not sure how to go about it? This course is your one-stop shop! 

You will learn:
  •       How to play chess, including all the rules people don’t usually know about;
  •       How to teach the game to young children using mini-games;
  •       Ideas about integrating chess with the curriculum, especially in numeracy;
  •       How to structure chess sessions and how to run competitions;
  •       Basic tactics and strategies of the game;
  •       How to open a game – what to aim for in you first ten moves;
  •       How to finish a game off: essential checkmates;
  •       What resources are available to improve your own and the children’s chess skills, and how you can take the game further.

The course will be facilitated by April Cronin, former Irish Ladies No. 1 chess player and (recently) retired principal teacher. April’s been teaching chess and running school chess clubs throughout her career and has a wealth of experience to share. The sessions will be active and engaging, with plenty of time given over to practising the concepts.