Further documentation received in relation to phased return of pupils to in-school education

Letter to Principals 25 March 2021

Letter to Principals Post Primary 230221 final

Supplementary Programme In Post Primary School Premises


11.03.21_GA_Return to School Guidance_practical subjects_updated 1.1

11.03.21_Return to School Guidance_practical subjects_Version 1.1

Eng_return to school 12_3_21

GA_return to school 12_3_21



Letter to Primary Principals 8Mar21

Letter to Post Primary Principals 8Mar21



Please find below links to documentation in relation to the next phase of reopening of schools commencing from 1 March 2021.

Letter to Principals Post Primary 230221 final

Appendix 1 – PP 23Feb21

Appendix 2 HPSC guidance on the reopening of Post Primary schools 230221

Appendix 3 Summary of additions to COVID-19 Response Plan required by ‘Work Safely Protocol’ 230221