A Chara,

You are invited to our festival!

Marino 100: Back to the Future
Creative Minds Art + Culture Festival 2024

Our parade starts at 12pm on Friday, 17th of May, at the Bottom Circle in Marino, Dublin 3
We would love to see you there!

Marino 100: Back to the Future
Creative Minds Art + Culture Festival 2024

Marino 100: Back to the Future is being organised and run by a diverse group of teenagers in North Inner City Dublin in collaboration with their teachers, local artists and the wider community. The festival includes a parade, music, dancing and food! It was started through the Creative Schools Programme in 2021 and is continuing through the Creative Clusters Programme!

The project is a collaboration between Marino College, St. Joseph’s Fairview, St. Vincent’s GNS, with Marino Residents Association and various other local schools and organisations.

This initiative aims to celebrate the art and culture of all residents, fostering an inclusive atmosphere, all under the banner of Marino 100 – highlighting 100 years since construction started on the Marino housing development – known as the Garden City.

Let’s come together in celebrating the past, the present and the future! Let’s celebrate what makes us all different but all the same! Let’s bridge the divide of age, class, gender and ethnicity in uniting through respect and collaboration to demonstrate that diversity is our superpower!
Bring your skills, your culture and your heritage to the table to share in celebrating where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going!

You belong! This is your community!

Thank you for supporting our festival!
Warm Wishes,
The Creative Minds Team

I attach here a BLANK POSTER if you, or someone you know, might like to colour it in!