The PDST literacy team invites all Senior Cycle teachers, literacy link teachers, literacy teams, and management to our upcoming Post-Primary Literacy Collaborative – “Promoting and Supporting Oral Language Development Across the Post-Primary Curriculum”.

PDST Collaboratives offer teachers the time and space to come together and work collaboratively. They provide an opportunity to discuss ideas or issues arising from participants’ experiences in the classroom.

This Online Collaborative will explore

  • the value and importance of oral language development
  • how teachers can explicitly plan for oral language development within their subject
  • methodologies and strategies that support the oral language development of all learners, including EAL learners and those with additional needs, across all subjects

This Online Collaborative will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss and share

  • their experiences of promoting and supporting oral language development
  • methodologies and strategies that support oral language development

As this is a PDST Collaborative, participants will be asked to share good practice via a Padlet wall before and during the event. The Padlet will be accessible to all participants. One of the main purposes of the PDST Collaborative is the sharing of good practice by participants. We would greatly appreciate it if participants would be willing to share their resources and strategies in this way. There is also an expectation that participants will contribute their thoughts and strategies throughout the Collaborative.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the format of the evening or if you have any issues with registering.

Promoting and Support Oral Language Development Across the PP Curriculum Winter 22 MMG