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For a number of years the Drumcondra Education Centre has been engaged in developing and facilitating a range of professional development services and opportunities for the education community it serves in the areas of conflict resolution and mediation. In furthering and progressing this key area of teacher professional learning, the Centre works in collaboration with the Edward Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at NUI Maynooth (NUIM).

Our most recent and significant development is a Mediation Skills Training Programme. This programme is approved by the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII) and is accepted as a requirement for entry to the Masters in Conflict Education in NUIM.

The Centre also offers a number of capacity building services to schools on request:

· Seminars /workshops/skills development for school leaders, teachers and school staffs on areas such as managing conflict, cyberbullying, handling parent complaints and personal safety & wellbeing.
· Individual and whole-staff mediation interventions for education organisations

For further details and information please contact Aoife Lewis @ 01 8576433, email:

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One of the difficulties to date in handling conflict issues, with school students in particular, is the assumption and misunderstanding that all such issues are 'behaviour' based. In other words, if we can control and / or change the behaviour, the problem will be solved! However, the key to resolving conflict is to understand and acknowledge that it is fundamentally 'relational' and that our social and emotional intelligence skills play a significant role in its positive resolution. If we understand and accept this perspective, then we begin to see the 'difficult behaviour' as a symptom and a manifestation of a deeper and more complex 'relational issue' which must be addressed if the behaviour is to change. This requires the linking of social emotional learning with a conflict resolution skills-base.

Today's society has moved away from a hierarchical mono theistic /single philosophy society to one which is multi-cultural /multi-faith and pluralistic where equality of views and respecting difference are the new cornerstones to policy making. This means that old structures of authority are giving way to a new glue in our society - that of social-emotional understanding. We, at the Drumcondra Education Centre, believe that this perspective challenges us as educators to find new skills which assist us in understanding the systemic nature of the school and classroom 'discipline' issues that face us. It requires from us a sense of personal responsibility and a relational perspective to the behavioural issues that face our schools.

Based on a perceived need for a new approach in our schools, the Drumcondra Education Centre has been working for a number of years in collaboration with Ms Fiona McAuslan, conflict resolution expert and mediator, in developing a range of responses to the discipline and behavior issues that are part and parcel of everyday life in schools. These involve up-skilling teachers and students in this complex area of the positive resolution of conflict issues.

EDWARD M KENNEDY FOR CONFLICT INTERVENTION AT NUI MAYNOOTH PG Cert of Conflict Resolution in Education. For more details, please CLICK HERE



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