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BLAST: Bringing Live Arts to Students and Teachers

Please see information below and links in relation to the launch of a new round of Bringing Live Arts to Students and Teachers (BLAST)   

The Department of Education is pleased to announce the launch of the 2023 Arts-in-Education BLAST Residency Programme and Creative Clusters. BLAST and Creative Clusters (Press Release).

The deadline for receipt of applications is 19th May 2023 

The aim of this scheme is to give pupils in schools all over the country the opportunity to work with a professional artist on unique projects.  

This initiative supports children and young people for the future, where skills like the ability to connect and collaborate with others, engage in creative and critical thinking and practice inclusivity at every level will be paramount to peace, stability, sustainable economic growth and equality.

The artist’s fee is €1,100 per residency which is funded by the Department of Education.

To download guidelines and application forms, click on the links below:


Completed applications must include the following and should be sent to your local full-time Education Support Centre, 

  • Completed general information section.
  • A completed application section outlining the following information:
  • Theme of the project,
  • Rationale for application,
  • Benefits to teaching and learning,
  • Capacity and commitment
  • Children and young people’s voice.
  • Please also indicate the planned time-frame schedule and planned method of documentation for the project.


Fully completed Applications should be sent to your local full-time Education Support Centre to the following email address:

Bridget Quigley           


Drumcondra Register of Approved Artists
(in process of update - 23 March)

Artist Name Artist Link Art Form
Margaret Callan Bergin Drama/Visual Arts
Yvonne Chilton Music
Penelope Lacey   Visual Arts/Sculpture
Kathryn Maguire Visual Arts/Sculpture
Gabriella McGrath Visual Arts/Sculpture
Juliette Saumande Literature: poetry, story making, multilingualism
Mary Sheehan!ArfeOVTEujE_crMVUasyCliF1vY Drama