All local courses in Drumcondra Education Centre (DEC) are now Promoting Accreditation of Learning (PAL) accredited.

Participants can become a DEC ‘PAL Learning Champion’ by fulfilling the criteria:


1. Attend 4 workshops, of 2 hours duration organised by Drumcondra Education Centre (DEC), during the period Sept to May


2. Present to staff or at Presentation evening in DEC (Date TBC)


3. Apply for Teacher Champion status, in advance of the presentation evening, by completing a short reflective log and submitting it to


5. Status granted and certificate presented at evening in DEC (Date TBC)


Promoting Accreditation of Learning (PAL)

What is PAL?

PAL is a professional development system designed to help recognise and reward the informal and nonformal learning of professionals working in education.

Its key objective is to promote and strengthen peer to peer learning and sharing amongst teachers and management in schools, colleges and Education centres.  Building awareness of  this form of professional development makes its value explicit.

Professional Development itself has been defined as

“Any process or activity that provides added value to the capability of the Professional through the increase in knowledge, skills and personal qualities for appropriate execution of professional and technical duties, often termed competence”.

The PAL system provides:

  • Framework document that explains how the PAL professional development systems works and how PAL points are earned and rewarded
  • Toolkit describing different methodologies that can be used to support peer learning and sharing
  • Tracking/Self-evaluation / Reflection Tool  to help teachers record their peer learning and sharing, reflect on what they have learnt, what learning can be transferred/ applied and what the next steps might be
  • PAL Learning Champion status to recognise when a teacher has completed the PAL professional development system