Drumcondra Education Centre Services Charter

The ethos of Drumcondra Education Centre is firmly based on a deeply felt respect for and service to all Centre clients. It underpins the Centre’s wish to cultivate individual empowerment and partnership with the broad education community it serves. The Services Charter has been compiled with this in mind.

Our commitment to Centre visitors:

  • A friendly and approachable staff who treat all customers with courtesy and who respect the rights of all parties in the delivery of service
  • The delivery of an efficient and effective service with courtesy and the minimum  delay
  • All e-mails and phone calls answered promptly.


  • A clean, safe and comfortable environment, with facilities for confidential discussions
  • Access and facilities available to meet all our customers’ needs including those with special needs
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms e.g. interactive screens, laptops, flipcharts.


  • The provision of up to date, accurate and comprehensive information on education issues that is easily understood
  • Website updated on a weekly basis
  • Posters and flyers of new and upcoming courses emailed to schools.

We aim to offer a high quality service in as helpful a way as possible. We continually monitor, evaluate and review our services and welcome constructive comments about our customer service and practices. Please let us know about your experience of the service we provide.

Keep in contact with us
Please help us provide you with the best service possible by including your contact details on the Centre subscription list – see Mailchimp area at bottom right-hand side of our homepage www.ecdrumcondra.ie

Centre contact details:
E-mail: info@ecdrumcondra.ie
Telephone: 01-8576400