Write to Read is an action-research partnership between DCU St. Patrick’s Campus/ schools / community groups founded in 2011.  Write to Read aims to improve literacy outcomes for children in disadvantaged schools and communities in Ireland. It is based on award winning research carried out by Dr. Eithne Kennedy entitled “Raising literacy achievement in disadvantaged schools: Empowering classroom teachers through professional development”.

We are currently conducting our  work  and research with more than 1100 children in 8 DEIS designated schools in some of Dublin’s most disadvantaged areas.  Each school is assigned a Teacher-Facilitator who provides initial professional development in the Write to Read framework and gives ongoing support for an implementation strategy unique to each location.

  • Professional development opportunities for teachers

Continuous professional development for teachers is a vital element of Write to Read.

In July, eighteen  teachers from Write to Read schools took part in the Write to Read Summer Course which took place in Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal, Inchicore.  During the course, we covered topics such as Developing Reading and Writing workshops, mini-lessons and assessment rubrics.

  • Supporting teachers to work with children with specific learning difficulties

This year we responded to teachers’ requests to put in place additional supports to assist children in the lower 20% of reading, in particular children with dyslexia. In October, we introduced an optional experiential course for teachers in Write to Read schools. Seventeen teachers are taking part in the program.

  • New Primary Language Curriculum:

Write to Read have been working with the NCCA in the development of materials to support the new Primary Language Curriculum .

  • New teachers in Write to Read schools: 

The new academic year has brought many teachers who are new to Write to Read into our schools. We provide regular workshops to inform and support them in implementing the Write to Read framework in their classrooms.

  • Home/School/Community initiative planned for year ahead

Engaging parents and the community is central to the Write to Read approach. To date we have engaged in a number of initiatives to support community involvement. For instance, we have run courses for parents in how to support Write to Read strategies in the home as well as providing support for homework club staff. This year we are building on this learning to launch a new model of home/school/community collaboration.


For more information go to website: https://shapingthefuture.dcu.ie/2021/01/28/write-to-read/