Centre Parking – Important Notice for ALL Centre Clients and Visitors

As the Centre is very busy and parking is limited, we would encourage those visiting us to use public transport if possible. Please check ‘location’ in ‘about us’ on the website for details of buses, trains etc.
Please note that all Centre visitors must park INSIDE the Centre barrier. Anyone parking on DCU St. Patrick’s Campus will be clamped. Centre Management will not take responsibility for parking fee for any car, on Centre business, parked outside the Centre grounds.

Parking restrictions are in place on DCU St. Patrick’s campus which mean we can no longer allow participants to park up on the grass space in front of our building. As a consequence parking at the Centre will be very limited. We kindly ask participants, where at all possible, to avail of public transport or to car pool. Please be aware that on-street parking is also extremely limited in the locality.