Dear Educator,

Léargas, in cooperation with Salto, is pleased to invite you to one of our upcoming TCAs (transnational cooperation activities) titled ‘Walk the talk, long term pupil mobility’ taking place from the 24-26th April that might be of interest to you and or your audiences.

This event is a contact making seminar for secondary school teachers (of pupils aged 12-18 years), from across Europe and Ireland, that are interested in applying for a future KA1 mobility project particularly Long-Term Pupil Mobility. Participants will work together to explore innovative and alternative forms of civic and democratic participation of pupils and be inspired to create new mobility partnerships and networks in which they will play a role as either a sending or receiving institution in future projects.

For more information on the event or to apply for a place, please view the event description on our website.

Le meas,

Eve Moore

Support and Development Officer (School Education, KA1)