Water Safety Ireland, in conjunction with Oide and the Department of Education has designed and created Get Wise, a land-based water safety programme specifically created for use by Physical Education teachers in Junior Cycle PE. Using fundamental movements, students will explore non-contact rescue techniques, self-rescue skills and engage with simulated rescue scenarios.

I am reaching out to you to see if information about this new initiative would be suitable for inclusion in your regular communications with teachers such as newsletters, social media, magazines etc.

We want to inform as many PE teachers as possible about this new programme which will have many benefits for students and teachers alike, and we can supply you with all the relevant information you will need.

Further information about the programme is available to view at www.getwise.ie.

More about Water Safety Ireland:
Our focus is on public awareness and education. Tragically, an average of 105 people drown each year in Ireland. We feel that this is simply unacceptable considering that most fatalities are avoidable. We strive to reduce these fatalities by increasing water safety awareness and by changing attitudes and behaviours so that our aquatic environments can be enjoyed with confidence and safety.